Lushlands: Short Stories For Stoners (Bandcamp Lazy Edition)


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19 year old Producer/Rapper TREY CHOPS starts 2014 off with a mixtape that everybody can enjoy. Especially if you're smoking a blunt, or just want to listen to something that isn't complete shit. Lushlands (Short Stories For Stoners) is 18-tracks of relaxing beats full of melodies and bass, mixed with the wordplay of TREY CHOPS to create something only a mother could love. Pretty much download it and love it like you love your cats.


released April 12, 2014

Production: Dxw Jxne, Mattrix, Billinski, B-Snacks, TREY CHOPS



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TREY CHOPS Burlington, Ontario



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Track Name: PAGNF [Prod. By TREY CHOPS]

No shame when I spit my game
Fuck around and catch me swervin' in ya bitches lane
Nah, and I won't even know her name
Stand six-five with a big girl frame WHAT?
Oh she about to catch this nut
She about to rub on that gut
Catch me at the plugs house
Chattin' with yukmouth
But she got that tiny stripper butt
That's what up like, huh?

[Verse 1 TREY CHOPS]

Yes sir a little bolder feelin' wiser
A lot of pussy on the plate
Ain't nobody livin' for the moment so we sit and then we wait
Lose my standards 'til I drop another tape
Bitch I'm only kiddin'
If you want it then let's get it
I ain't got no kids n' I'm just tryna say your favourite digits
69, primetime livin'
I ain't gotta see ya face I'm strategic with positions
Damn, feels good the way you tug it, kiss and rub it
Then I look upon your face and feel disgusted
Ratchet is a positive, but hopefully you're not
Cause I'm really tryna hit that spot!
4 A.M. at a bad girls place
Mediocre coochie we straight stuntin' out of states
Jimmy hats in the backpack babe
Thots stay hella ugly cause pussy got no face

Pussy got no face? x6
Face ain't got no pussy!


Well, yeah, it's true
Pussy ain't got no face x2

Dang, pussy ain't got no face, but it has a pretty good taste
Just like pennies and sweat I cut my own check then everybody ponder different days x2

[Verse 2 TREY CHOPS]

Whoa, she got mad cheekbones
Looking like Jar-Jar, crispy like an Eat-More
It ain't really nadda nuttin, lotta niggas frontin'
Cause they know that booty lookin really nice, right?
Oh, I bet she really my type
If her chromosomes are X I'ma fuck her all night
Too much fappin' they can't live up to the hype
Cause the cameras and the make-up take away the cellulite
Dang, I think it's too much for one sitting, tell her squat no shitting
I'm just representing for my city (itty)
Oh, I guess you love my music, 'bout to watch me ooze it
All up on ya face cause you a little bitty (itty)
Unibrow be rockin', Ion give a fuck cause I'm bout to put my cock in
No there ain't no stoppin'
We gon' stay lit then we gamble all the profit, watch it

Pussy got no face? x6

Face ain't got no pussy!

Track Name: I'm Not Your Dad, I Can't Tell You What To Do [Prod. By Mattrix]
eskimo kisses x55